I think the marketing message throughout the website underpromotes your actual business and offerings. Nothing really “grabs” me and makes me say “Yes, I want to do this…”

I’m guessing you started this but then it stalled out. And/or you got some poor guidance and support.

There is virtually zero search engine optimization, which will make it hard for people to find you when searching at Google. Unless they know your name and search by company name.

I might have missed it, but there is no connection to your social media pages. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok.

I’d buy the domain BEVERLYPSYCHIC.COM… just so that someone else doesn’t and starts using it. Under $20/year at Go Daddy. You’d be bummin’ if someone grabbed it and started using it.

Is the Square Appointment setter actually working? It seems a bit impersonal, but if it’s working then great. I’m not saying remove it as an option, but maybe think about a more personal touch up front; with new customers. Existing customers, sure!

Looks like nothing here at Facebook ( Maybe you have a different FB page; I couldn’t find it.

The website needs some work if you want it to perform better. I like this template at Square, if you were to stay with Square.

Tell me about your ideal customer(s) and repeat customers – how are you building your following?

Do you regularly send out an email broadcast?

How many customers do you have a year? How many have multiple visits? I would think that is a big goal for your type of visit. If you have 1000 customers and a 30% repeat visitor rate (annually, they visit 3 times)… wow, life is good.

Summary: You would get better results from the internet if you addressed these issues and a few others. Being close to Salem there is plenty of competition. Your current internet marketing and website messaging and online visibility is probably creating a competitive disadvantage.

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